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What is OneBlender?

It is a special and unique dapp Project that provides Money transaction on the shadow protocol protocol. It has got one layer unlike tornadocash and other alternatives. It benefits from shadow protocol protocol and algorithm on Onereum network.

The most Independent finance App!

OneBlender Features

The current fees are a 4.0% coin fee per OneBlender job. This amount gets subtracted from the total sent amount.
Transactions will be sent out after only 1 confirmation. Achieving anonymity is fast and easy with OneBlender.
High Capacity
Due to our unique reserve that includes both hot and cold storage, we can handle anonymous amounts up to 100.00 native coins.
Fair Price
The current fees are a 4.0% coin fee per OneBlender job. This amount gets subtracted from the total sent amount.
Your security and anonymity is our top priority. We make sure our servers are protected against every type of attack, so you can use our mixer service with confidence.
No Logs
Your privacy-enhancer service needs to be secure. At OneBlender, if you don't want any record of your transaction, you can delete it right away. If you choose not to delete it, we'll keep it for seven days to provide customer support and then it will be deleted automatically.

How does OneBlender work?

It Works on two layers. When the user has an Access to Onereum panel, he enters the receiver’s address and the amount of the Money to be sent on Oneblender, then clicks the run button and confirms the smart contract. After the confirmation of the smart contract, the transaction is distributed on the two layers.

On the primary layer, only the deposit appears. On the next layer, the receiver address and the amount are available. The second layer is designed in such a way that it is untraceable for open data. This makes the receiver's address and amounts unreachable. The second layer’s function is to make the amount delivered to the receiver.

In What Way İs Oneblender Different From Tornado Cash And Zcash?

Tornado cash and zcash and other alternatives use zero knowledge algorithm in which the sender and the receiver adresses are known only the amount is hidden. Oneblender with the two layers it created, the receiver adress, and the amount are impossible to be disclosed.

The Characteristics Of Oneblender

In today's blockchain technology as default, in all of your digital asset transfers within smart contracts, your transaction history and balance are open to anybody. All the transactions are seen by block researchers like etherscan and anybody with the knowledge of your address can easily track your payments, can follow your funds' resources, calculate your assets and analyze your activities on blockchain.

How does Oneblender ensure privacy on Onereum?

Oneblender develops transaction privacy by breaking the onchain connection between the sender and the receiver. It uses a smart contract that accepts ONR deposits that can be withdrawn by a different address. When ONR is withdrawn by a new address there is no way to monitor the transactions like Money withdrawals and deposits. This is completely hidden. Oneblender acts as the protector by providing 100% anonymity through the shadow Protocol proofs of the transaction.

What if you want privacy in all your activities on blockchain? What if you do not want your transaction history seen by anybody? What if you ask for privacy and anonymity?

For years uncountable attempts are done to create private transactions on Ethereum and similar networks. Using temporary solutions to hide the value flows like a centralized swap wallet or a custody, hiding and blending services are doubtlessly full of risks like being monitored by others. In the end, these are not counted as a privacy-focused like zcash, which never gained absolute privacy. As for zcash it uses various coding systems including zero-knowledge proof to get the privacy functionality. We are fully excited to announce and share with you what is possible on Onereum. Our brand new tool Oneblender enables the cryptocurrecny transfer 100% Anonymous by using the new unattended technology which breaks fresh ground with strong cryptography.

On which networks can OneBlender be used?

Oneblender onereum is a private dapp project in the shadow protocol ecosystem that provides privacy in money transfer. Unlike tornadocash and other alternatives, it has a layer. It utilizes shadow protocol technology and algorithm in the Onereum network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To understand how Oneblender Works you should understand the anonymity set as a priority.

An anonymity set is exactly a measurement of anonymity. It shows the list of the depository waiting to be withdrawn back. In other words how many deposits does ONR coin corresponds?

You must have recognized that there are two options to withdraw Money.

Whether you use relayer or not you are bound to use vpn, Proxy, and tor like common tools for keeping your ıp address private. Because you use a browser hidden tab is also useful. Before using your new address be sure that you clean the cookies for the dapps because if a dapp sees the new and old address with the same cookie it recognizes that addresses belong to the same person. The node contains datas to be used to connect your Money deposit action to the withdrawal. After completing the Money withdrawal it is a good idea to make sure that your data are wiped out. Wait until some time passes after depositing. Even ıf there appears more than one deposit after yours, all of them might be done by the same person who tries to send deposits as spam and to conceive the user wrongly that it is a big anonymity set so we suggest you wait for 24 hours to be sure that more than one person deposit.


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